Friday, December 12, 2008

Inauguration petition gets ton of momentum!!

Yesterday, we launched the "Save the Inaugural partying" petition to DC Mayor Fenty, asking him to resist congressional efforts to curtail Obama Inauguration celebrating. Check out all the interest it got in just 1 day:

Save Our Parties -- Washingtonian
Petition in Support of Longer Inaugural Bar Hours -- DC'ist
First The Taxi Zones, Now The Inaugural Parties -- DC Concierge
Organizers strike back -- GreaterGreaterWashington
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of half-price drink specials --
Petition in Support of Longer Inaugural Bar Hours --
Save the Parties from DiFi -- Calitics

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on. Here are a couple of the comments people wrote to Mayor Fenty:

Trust me, this night everyone will be on good behavior. It's a very joyous moment. Obama has the ability to bring out the best in all of us. -- Laila Jones

It's the closest thing DC will have to a Mardi Gras. Huge moneymaker for DC businesses, let's take advantage. -- Mark R.

Coming to DC to spend $$$, don't be a killjoy -- Shannon Walker

Home rule; don't let Congress dictate your decisions - Maura M.

This is our time to celebrate! Let the people PARTY! -- Jessi Long

As a bartender, I encourage responsible drinking. There would be no voice of reason on a steet corner with a bottle of booze. Would the city not be more safe and secure with people inside establishments that are used to dealing with the drinking public? -- Tom Brown

If you haven't already, can you sign the petition to Mayor Fenty today, and tell your friends?

Petition: "Mayor Fenty: The people voted overwhelmingly for change, and we want to celebrate that change big-time! Stand strong -- don't back down on 5 a.m. bar closings during Inauguration week."

Sign here or below.

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Message to Mayor Fenty (if you own a bar, please mention):
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