Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Petition: Mayor Fenty, save Inaugural partying!!

Outrage! From the New York Times:

Citing security concerns, two senators who sit on the Congressional committee in charge of inaugural ceremonies appealed on Tuesday to the mayor and city council of Washington, D.C., to reverse a decision to keep bars in the city open until 5 a.m. during inauguration week.

The war on Inaugural partying has begun. One senator leading the charge is Robert Bennett of the anti-drinking Utah, so at least that makes sense. The other is Dianne Feinstein from California -- what the heck's up with that?

Mayor Adrian Fenty needs to stand strong! Can you sign this petition to him today?

Petition: "Mayor Fenty: The people voted overwhelmingly for change, and we want to celebrate that change big-time! Stand strong -- don't back down on 5 a.m. bar closings during Inauguration week."

Sign here or below.

We'll inform Fenty and the media about the petition, so the Mayor knows we have his back if he does the right thing. UPDATE (12/11/09 1pm): Washingtonian and DC'ist are already reporting on this petition, and we know Fenty's office is reading about it! Add your voice to the cause!

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